October 2008

This dessert contains some of the things I love most: beer, ice cream and coffee. It is inspired by a delicious sundae from our favourite restaurant in Portland, Rock Bottom Brewery. (I have it every time we go there!)


2 scoops coffee flavoured ice cream

1/4 c. crumbled chocolate wafers

1/4 c. candied walnuts (recipe here)

few good squirts of hot fudge sauce



Layer ice cream, wafers, walnuts and fudge in a pint glass. Pour in as much stout as you can without overflowing the glass. Drink/spoon and enjoy!


I tried this beer and type of beer – Extra Special Bitter (ESB) – for the first time last night at my beer tasting class and it turned out to be my favourite beer of the night. It was quite dark and had a dry, chocolatey and hoppy flavour (but much more subtle than the chocolate you would find in a stout or the hops in an IPA). It also had a nice bitterness at the end. Overall, a solid drinking beer; good for the autumn when you want just a few pints of something darker but not as heavy as a stout or porter.

Propeller ESB has definitely piqued my interest in sampling some more ESB’s as well as checking out the other beers that Propeller Brewing Company (from Halifax, NS) has on offer.

This was my turning point beer. The beer which made me realize that beer was tasty; not “drink a lot of it to have a good time tasty” or “refreshing on a hot day on a patio tasty”, but “something to be enjoyed for is delicious flavour tasty.”

I first had Widmer’s Broken Halo IPA on an August Long Weekend road trip in 2007. We had randomly purchased a local brewery sampler case at the Safeway in Tillamook, Oregon and cracked the first beer sitting around the campsite in Manzanita and WOW! It tasted refreshing and slightly like grapefruit and I loved it. Thus, began my beer adventure and my love affair with hops.

(more detailed beer reviews to come…tomorrow marks the start of my “Beer Tasting and Education 101” class at the university – give me a few classes and i’ll be able to report on such “beery” things as aroma and mouthfeel)

“Why is buying beer (or wine and spirits for my girlfriend) so difficult?” It was this statement in a local beer guide that made me want to start this blog: a place that provides information on beer which doesn’t assume that girls only drink “girly” drinks like wine and spirits. So several pronouncements (“I’m going to write a beer blog for girls”) made over a good pint of microbrew later, here it is; my first foray into the blogosphere and an excuse for sampling even more good beer. Enjoy!