innis_and_gunnI first tried Innis & Gunn Oak Aged beer in my beer tasting class and then had it again this weekend at the Six Acres pub in Gastown. Luckily, I had it at the beginning of the night before the 36 Czechvar that our tabled imbibed. This pale ale-style beer is definitely a unique beer given that it is aged like whiskey in oak barrels.

It is a medium gold in the glass with an oaky and slightly sweet aroma. The most dominant flavour to me was the vanilla, however there are also hints of toffee and peat. Given the vanilla and toffee notes, it is a bit sweet, so the limit on these would probably be two or three. This is not a session ale (a good thing since they were charging $7.50 for it at the pub!). It also has a great mouthfeel, soft and creamy and just generally very smooth.

This would be great with desserts. I can imagine sipping it with some sticky toffee pudding or gingersnaps.

Overall, I liked this beer and would definitely drink it again (maybe just not at 7 bucks a pop).