Where did my love of beer begin? It could have been last summer in Manzanita, Oregon when my boyfriend and I bought a sampler case of Widmer beer and tasted what good beer was. It could have been when I was in high school shot-gunning Kokanee in the back of a truck at a bush party. It could have been in grade school when the house would be smell of barley and hops as my dad and his friends experimented with their home brews. Or it could have been when I was a toddler and liked to suck on cold beer bottles when teething. Whenever it was, I have always had a healthy enjoyment of the brown stuff.

Since that summer in Oregon, I have been sampling my way through as many micro-brews as I can get my hands on. (My favourite beer store must have seen a huge increase in its profit margin when I moved just three blocks away). This “beer-connoisseur-ism” has led me to many beer related websites, books and events, and I noticed that none of them are geared toward a female audience. The gals’ perspective is either ignored or mentioned sarcastically – we don’t all like “lite” beer and coolers boys! Thus, the idea of this website began brewing: a blog for girls who like beer which features beer reviews, brewery profiles,  recipes and other beer miscellany.

So please come along for my adventures in beer!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Sam Quinlan Says:

    Hey there!
    I came across your blog from the BC Beer Blog and thought I would say hello and direct you to our blog which exemplifies hops and happiness! We’re entering our first full season of hops production in Lillooet, BC with plans to have these organic hop cones in select brews across BC!
    Great Job with your blog – keep it up!

  2. alexandra Says:

    Love your blog!!!!

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